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Vibranz P.E.T. (Personal Environmental Transformers
Protects (Transmutes) our Space in Homes, Office, Cars
Vibranz Orion Disc Pendant Transmutes for our Body
Vibranz Sirius Earth Strips Transmutes for Devices, cellphones, computers, refrigerators, blenders etc.

Changing Harmful EMF to Helpful EMF Natures Way Vibranz Sirius Earth Strips


Vibranz uses Plants and Minerals that transmutes the toxic (incoherent) waveform, the electromagnetic fields referred to as EMF, and changes it into a non toxic (coherent) healthy waveform before it enters our body. 

We have a symbiotic relationship with plants, we transmute oxygen into carbon dioxide and the plants transmute carbon dioxide back into oxygen for us.

There are several plants that thrive under high tension electric wires, cell phone towers, microwave towers etc. because they are nourished by the EMF that harms our bodies.  This type of radiation disrupts cellular communication in the body of humans and animals, but in these plants this isn’t the case.  Vibranz uses the most effective plants that change these toxic wave forms into a non toxic form so they are not affected by it.  Research has shown that people and animals that live under high power lines have a cancer rate that is 80% higher than the rest of the population.  With the evidence now showing the health risks associated with cell phone usage and electronics, it is vital that you protect yourself and your family from this exposure.

Vibranz Sirius Earth Strips look like sand paper because they are made from pieces of the plants and minerals in a slurry and then have the added Human BluePrint Frequencies added also.  

About The Sirius Earth Strips

This is quite a shift in our understanding of EMF and radiation protection. While several companies try to block or disrupt the waves, If you think about it, if you block a cellphone signal, you don't get a cellphone signal.  Vibranz has again looked to nature for the answers. Using the plant frequencies and adding mineral frequencies that transmute the Harmful EMF, they’ve been able to change the wave pattern of these Harmful EMF’s and actually Change them to Helpful EMF to make the body healthy.

What Sirius Earth Strip Users Are Saying:

Sirius Earth Strips and EMF Radiation Sickness
“I have Earth Strips on our cell phones, computers and a few other electrical things in my house. I have always been sensitive to the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) put out by electronics and sometimes have felt nauseated because of the harmful energy these devices emit. With the earth hearts I felt an immediate lessening of my EMF induced symptoms. When I’m on my computer the energy I feel from the computer is now much more gentle. I don’t use my cell phone enough to really notice a difference, but I do feel reassured when I place my phone in my pocket that I am being protected from the waves being emitted. I even put an Sirius Earth Heart on my iPod and feel much more relaxed about using it, as it clips onto your clothing and sits next to my body as it plays. The small size of the Sirius Earth Hearts makes placing it on tiny devices easy and discreet. I can’t wait to get more Sirius Earth Strips and put them on the other electronics I use on a regular basis.” – Dakota D., KS

Sirius Earth Strips and Cell Phone Radiation
“Over the last 10 years or so, I noticed that on the bone behind my ears as well as other areas of my skull felt like they were bruised when I touched them, and I was getting terrible headaches periodically. The pain to the touch had gotten to the point that it was always there. It didn’t occur to me that it was from my cell phone, but I did purchase a cell phone protection device. A year later, the pain was still there with the same intensity. Last year, I put the Vibranz Sirius Earth Strip on my phone, and I noticed that the pain was completely gone, my headaches were gone, and several months later, they still have not returned!” – Lisa L., FL

Sirius Earth Strips and EMF Sensitivity
“I have severe chemical and EMF sensitivities and become ill when I use my laser printer. I now have earth hearts on the printer and put one large disk on top of the printer and one under the printer and I am able to tolerate it and not become ill!” – Barb S., MN

Dr. Kune BioPhotonic Camera EMF test of Vibranz Sirius Earth Strips


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Understanding the Real Hazard of  the man made EMF, 5G & the Vibranz 100% Organic Solution;  Video # 1


Understanding the Real Hazard of  the man made EMF, 
5G the Vibranz 100% Organic Solution:  Video # 2
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