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It's Self-Healing or NO healing

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Vibrational Self-Healing is all about Communication on a cellular level & beyond….

Vibranz delivers Human BluePrint frequencies via BioPhotonicModulation enhancing cell to cell communication, the body does the rest. Vibranz RED NaturaLaser is a cold-laser with Proprietary

Human BluePrint Frequencies Infused into the light by ZeroPoint™ Technology. These frequencies bring the body into balance and Energetic Homeostasis. Every eukaryotic cell in an animal's body has one or many thousand cellular power plants called the mitochondrion. These mitochondria are responsible for energy release within the cells that are directly related to injury repair, pain relief, accelerate the healing process and more. When a cell is damaged thru injury or trauma, or stress, the

mitochondrion, figuratively speaking, curls up like a hedgehog. Once this happens, cell to cell communications is drastically reduced, or even ceased. As a result, there is excess bleeding,

swelling and possible infection. Cells exposed to the RED NaturaLaser Light causes the mitochondrion to spring into action almost Immediately bringing cell to cell communication in the area of concern, and cellular repair begins immediately.

Our blood is 94% water. When TAP WATER is energized with the Red NaturaLaser for 3 minutes, the LIFE FORCE ENERGY is Increase about 30% as documented in the GDV bio-camera.

AND the TOXINS were neutralized to the point the water got wetter and therefore hydrates the body better. Our blood circulates through our bodies 2 to 3 times a minute, so when we energize any part of our body, we are energizing our blood (94% water) and the blood cells separate giving better micro circulation, giving up more toxins when the cells go through the lungs and picking up more oxygen. The bottom line is more life force energy, better circulation and more oxygen. Three of the main things our body needs to heal itself. It’s “self-healing, or no healing”.

Vibranz uses plants and minerals to TRANSMUTE the harmful EMF from cell phones and smart meters etc. to neutral or even beneficial fields of coherence for the body.

Emotional Trauma is accredited as being the underlying cause of Over 75% of illness/sickness in our society. Vibranz has self-care tools for CLEARING EMOTIONAL TRAUMA and stuck

emotions both conscious and unconscious by clearing the incoherent energy memory from the cell membrane.

ALL Vibranz self-care tools are documented using the GDV Bio-Photonic camera to bring a higher percentage of resonance to the bio-field, energetic balance and homeostasis to the body.

These results Support the new emerging field of informational medicine using quantum frequency carrier information of coherence on a cellular level causing the cell produces more ATP immediately

and cellular repair in the moment is initiated bringing homeostasis energetically and allowing the body to begin healing itself immediately and continually. All Vibranz self-care tools are a delivery system for

the frequencies demonstrating similar results.

I will be showing independent testing by Dr Kune using the GDV bio-photonic camera, Blood Microscopy, as well as Thermography. I will also be asking for a few volunteers for a series of Neurological demonstrations of the brain's ability to communicate under stress in the presence of the Vibranz technology. Vibranz, Using the Invisible to Heal the Visible…

Joe Blanton, 469-766-5511,

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